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By | December 21, 2021

this update is extremely double rank pushing double rewards all maps in mirror word with different versions in pubg 1.7 it’s more entertainment 

What is new pubg 32 bit apk

New event Temple mirror world  in erangel livek senhook Miramar added new modes survival still down poweronic

Pubg1.7 Apk 32 bit, the most recent version of megaworld update Pubg mobile global

The PUBG Mobile version 1.7 32 Bit will be released updates starting on November 16. The server won’t be considered to be in a lag state to release this update. Make sure you’re updating the game within a safe network environment and have enough storage space on your smartphone. The primary contents are as the following:

A brand new mode

Pubg 1.7 apk 32bit

Mirror the world:

The game will be released on November 16 and is encased by the power of energy. Mirror Island will transform into PUBG MOBILE when both dimensions collide!


The PUBG Mobile 1.7 32bit is expected to be released updates to pubg 32 bit apps Mirror World Update Pubg 1.7 32bit Apk

Explore to the beautifully moving Mirror Island double rank and take on the role of the hero from the official ARCANE animated series Frome League of Legends. A new transformer is introduced in the game makes it more intriguing to Jinx, Vi, Jayce or Caitlyn to fight against the other players using the most advanced weapons and techniques and discover the history of ARCANE.

New RP

Royale Pass, month 5: Mirror Kingdom, from 11/19 until 12/19/19

  • Avantgarde as well as Lethal Creepster are coming, as are Duty Till The End – Kar98K and Duty Till The End – MK47 trims!


Return of Modes

  • Vikendi arrives on 11/16. assists venues and fans
  • Metro Royale: Reunion: and the 11/22 arrivals with the brand new crezy Carry feature.
  • Survive until Dawn: Starts 11/25, and is available on Thursdays, Fridays , and Saturdays. It also supports venues and fans.
  • Infection Mode: Released 11/25, is available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, however it does not support theaters.
  • Payload 2.0 Soon to automatically arrive 11/29, and is available on Sundays, Mondays, and Saturdays and also supports venues and fans.
  • Runic Power: Ticket availability 11/30, and is available on Tuesdays Wednesdaysand Saturdays and also supports venues and fans.

The most loved maps and modes mentioned above will return with version 1.7. Don’t miss out!



Combat modifications

  • Balanced Marksman Rifles: increased damage when firing long distances Increased bullet speed, improved speed of recovery.
    • SLR: faster recovery speed, faster bullet speed.
    • SKS: Slightly increased recovery speed as well as an increase in ball speed.
    • Mini14: More damage at long distances.
    • VSS: Slightly increased weapon damage.

We’ve observed that Sniper Rifles been upgraded recently to the Cold Shoulder We hope you’ll start making use of them more often after these changes.

  • Rebalanced DP28: Reduction in bullet speed, less damage from long distances and reduced headshot injury.

It appears that the DP28 did not perform well in game We decided to tweak it to check out what happens.

  • New Transport feature The ability to transport players who have been knocked down and transfer them to a different place.



Experience enhancements

  • Season M6 Av From 11/19 through 1/1, and comes with a brand new season-exclusive currency that is able to purchase items that were previously available. Don’t miss out on the return of exclusive clothing from M6.


  • The presentation was improved for certain using high-quality graphics during a match , making the screen for combat more engaging with more clear reminders.
  • New download screen, screen for setting sensitivity as well as the button setting screen that makes it easier to adjust your controls.

We are always striving to improve the gaming experience and to provide you with fantastic Seasonal Rewards.

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