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The makers of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BOWLGRUNDS (PUBG) are announcing they will bring back games to India following multiple bans. In this post, we’re going to provide you with information on how to unban Pubg Mobile.

The announcement was posted by the PUBG’s Malaysian server on their Facebook page on Sept. 28 on Tuesday. They shared the news with 200K of their followers.

Pubg unban

According to the post on Facebook, PUBG Corporation is looking at hosting servers in Mumbai for Indian players who wish to get back into the game.

Pubg gets a ban lifted in India

“India players! We have some the best new for you! We are working in a data center in Mumbai and will be ready to host the tournament in the near future!” said the statement. “Wait for a few more days and we’ll be able to provide you with more information! Thank you so much!”, it added.

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Pubg unban today

Today, you’ll learn how to remove your ban from your pubg account with ease in this article

Pubg News


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How to remove the ban on a pubg account


I’m sure the name may sound odd however it’s real. It is more frequent than you think. players are banned from the game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BOWLGRROUNDS (PUBG).

This article can help you unban your PUBG account. The information in this article was written by players who had their accounts reinstated. They can be found in the comments beneath this article if want to acknowledge their assistance or have any questions about moving bans around within PUBG.


Ban-related reasons

Cheating (recently) It has nothing to do with win/loss percentages or throwing games. It’s dependent on the reports of other players. If you are banned, it’s just a PUNISHMENT and not a permanent ban. If you are banned, it could be for being a cheater or playing the game in a manner that makes others report you for making a mistake (like the airlock being on even although it’s not active).

-Inappropriate Names (.i.e. Swastikas)

How do I unban a pubg account?

If your account was blocked Follow these steps to regain it:

1.) Log out from the game.

2.) Go to this site and unblock all email accounts associated with your account.

3. )Log into https://pubgcom/ with an email address that is different

4.) Click “Forgot Password?”

5.) Reset the password.

6.) Check your mail account and select the link you received to you.

7.) Change your PUBG account’s name

8.) Log in to your new account within the game

9.) Report an issue that concerns the character you wish to unban to gain access to the character.

10.) You must wait for customer service to respond

11. )If they aren’t able to ban you immediately play games, or log off from your account

12a) If they do decide to ban you, you can just keep waiting for more

13b) If they don’t remove you in the next few days you can enjoy your brand new shiny fresh and clean account.

Pubg in a ban in India

Glitches: None. What was the time frame? It was less than a day. What was I losing? It’s not a loss, and this is a method that works unlike other methods that are available on the internet. What did I get? A new account that has no previous history.


Additionally, if you need assistance in unbanning your account, please contact us. 2017…Scroll down and visit our Members’ Accounts for more details! !


We are aware of how difficult it can be this year to find a good cheat for PUBG, or even free cheats. That’s why we’re here to assist you! Remember that most of the techniques on this site can only be used when you play offline/solo! This ensures that nobody will be able to report your hacks while you are playing in front of them.

You can choose to use our wallhacks or aimbots based on which suits your preferred style of gaming. If they aren’t working in the beginning, it’s just because the game was patched by the game’s developers. We’re constantly trying our the best ways to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our products! Come visit us on PUBG fields in the near future!


Thank you for taking the time to read this article on pubg’s unban account. I hope it was helpful! Let me know below if require any assistance in changing bans around in PUBG or If you have any suggestions or questions. Have a great day and have fun on your journey through PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! !

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