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By | December 31, 2020

some android emulators,


So if you don’t know what an emulatoris it is essentially a piece of hardware or a software which enables one piece of technologyto behave like another. In this case,

we are basically transforminga Windows PC to behave like an android system so to speak. Using Android emulators on your PC is notgonna enable you to play very high-end Android games because that is not how it works.
Android emulators for PC are of two type–one is an app based and another one is OS based.I personally prefer the OS type androidemulators, because it feels more like Android, but if you just want to play some games onyour PC

you should choose the app like one’s because they are designed and optimized forusers like you. So let’s get started! 1.First, we are gonna look at possibly

thepopular Android emulator


bluestacks. Bluestacks is the first Android emulator thatI have tried, and it has improved a lot since then.They have completely redesigned the UI

from the last time that I have used this. You can easily install any android app ontobluestack by just opening the apk file with bluestacks. I have tested bluestacks with some apps andgames, and it worked really well. I could play racing games with arrow keysand “wasd”

keys, and everything else works too. I know for a fact that a lot of people wantto use bluestacks for playing games like clash of clans, and it is totally playable withbluestacks. it is a really good option if you just wantto run some android apps and games on your PC. 2.A perfect example for the OS type androidemulator is remix

OS or remix player.

I’m using the remix player because it is mucheasier to setup. But if you want to install Android on yourold PC or something, you should definitely go with the remix OS. Both are exactly the same. So don’t worry about functionality or features. As I said earlier, it is more like a dedicatedOperating system than an emulator.

downloaded theremix player again and used it for a couple of minutes and the app lags like hell. I don’t know what happened maybe there isa problem with my pc.

But I have used this app a lot couple of monthsago and it worked really. And it is one my favorite android emulator. 3.Andy is the next emulator that i have foryou guys, It is a traditional android skinned emulator with some added features such askey remapping and gamepad support to play games

.You can install apks directly from windowsto andy, Andy is running on android version 4.2 that is jellybean.That is the only, seriousdownside. But most of the games and apps will work justfine I

cannot get the gamepad to work correctly. I think there are some bugs. But other than that it is a solid choice aswell

emulator on the list is Nox Player
haven’t actually used this one before making this video, and i have to say i’m impressedby it, I think NOX player is not that popular, but it is one of the best emulators for playingandroid games on your pc.
All the usual features are there in this emulatortoo…. like sideloading apks, macro, key mapping,two finger control, screen capture controller support etc.

The UI is very smooth, i haven’t had anylags or glitches while playing some android games, of course, you cannot play very high-endgames, emulators are not made for that, but in nox player, even games with really high-qualitygraphics runs pretty smoothly, It is definitely a complete android emulator.

5.So we are on to the last one,Phoenix OS. This one is a dedicated Android OS for your pc
you cannot run phoenix OS inside windows without using some virtualization softwares. I came across a lot of problems while tryingto install it on my pc and my laptop
and i couldn’t get it to work. Then i finally managed to install phenix oson my brother’s laptop. But i again faced some problems, there wasa huge lag for 5 minutes when i first boot up the OS

but after that 5 mins things beganto run pretty smoothly. I would say this, this is not for gaming,YOu could play games on Phoenix os

it is powerful, but it is not made for gaming,Youknow what i mean,you want to keep that in mind while deciding which emulator that youwant to use. But the OS is feature packed, It is a goodalternative to linux, or ubuntu, If you have a laptop that is just lying around and nobodyis using it
then i highly recommend you to try this on it. You will not regret it

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